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Breaking Barriers in History - NHD Resources - 2020

Badgerlink Resources for your NHD Research

Below are some resources that are available through Badgerlink that may help with your NHD research.

Badgerlink is a huge collection of research databases that is made available to Wisconsin residents by the Department of Public Instruction. Badgerlink includes a wide variety of databases, some more useful than others for your NHD research. Below are some links to resources you may find helpful.

  • Britannica School - Middle - This is an online encyclopedia similar to World Book Online. If you have trouble finding your topic in WorldBook, this is another source to try. 
  • Britannica School - Middle Images & Video - This is an excellent source for images and videos to use in your project. 
  • Explora for Middle & High Schools - Another research database created specifically for middle and high school students. This database contains reference articles as well as magazine articles, journal articles, news articles and more. 
  • History Reference Center - This is a database created specifically for students studying history. Researchers can limit search results to primary sources, newspaper articles, magazine articles, biographies and other sources. Users can browse by eras in American and World history. 
  • Middle Search Plus - Searches magazines and primary sources suitable for middle school students. 
  • Library Edition - Search historical newspapers for coverage of the topic that you're researching. Includes newspapers as far back as the 1700s and from all regions of the world. 

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