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6th Grade Argument Paper: Year-Round School

Each tab contains information for one of the research topics available. Find the tab that matches your specific topic and use the information to help you create an argument for your research paper.

Web Resources - Year Round School

Useful Keywords - Year-Round School

Trying many different combinations of keywords is an important step to accessing the best information for your research paper. As you search Google and the research databases, try different combinations of the following keywords as you search.

  • Year-round school

  • Year-round schooling

  • Year-round schools

  • debate
  • pro
  • con
  • controversy
  • student 
  • education
  • K12

Can you think of any other keywords that might help you locate information on this topic? 

Online Databases

Use the online databases below to search for articles about your research topic. 

Search Google!

Don't forget to use Google to search for high-quality websites about your topic!

Make sure you are only using high-quality websites for your research!

‚ÄčIn any website you use, you must be able to find at least 2 things...

  • Author's name or the name of a respected organization that is responsible for the information
  • Date of publication - should be in the past 5-10 years

If you cannot find these things on a website, DO NOT use it in your paper!