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6th Grade Argument Paper: Home

Each tab contains information for one of the research topics available. Find the tab that matches your specific topic and use the information to help you create an argument for your research paper.

How to Use This Website

This website is a starting point for your argumentative paper research. Click on the tab above that matches your research topic. On the left side of each page you should be able to find links to high-quality, informative articles that you can use for research and note-taking. On the right side of the page are links to three databases that can be used to locate additional sources. 


What is Plagiarism? 

  • Using another source's language without quotation marks
  • Using information from another source without citing the source
  • Using information from another source, but only rearranging a few of the words

How Do I Avoid Plagiarizing? 

  • Cite your sources! Provide information that others can use to trace the information back to its source, such as...
    • author's name
    • title of the original work
    • name and location of the publisher
    • date that the information was published
    • page numbers used

When do I need to cite sources? 

  • anytime you use quotes
  • anytime you paraphrase information
  • anytime you use someone else's ideas
  • anytime you specifically write about someone else's work
  • anytime someone else's work has helped you support or develop your own ideas