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Vietnam Research - 7th grade: Search Strategies

Additional Places to Search...

There are many additional places to search for information on Hmong history and culture. Google is a great source for information as long as you are sure that the information was created by a trusted organization or person and is up-to-date. Try searching Google Books or Google Scholar to find high-quality information.

It is also important to use the right keywords when you search. Think about your research question - what are the important terms that other authors or researchers might have used to write about your topic? Start with those words. Later, add synonyms to those keywords, abbreviations or technical terms that may also give you access to the right information. Check out the box below for additional keywords that may help you find more information about your topic. 

Keywords for your Hmong / Vietnam research...

Hmong, Miao, Hmoob - all names used to describe the Hmong people

Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Mekong River, Phou Bia Mountain (also known as Mount Bia) - countries / geographical locations that are important in Hmong history

Vietnam War, "The Secret War", tactics, fighting, soldier, Ho Chi Minh Trail, General Vang Pao, Agent Orange, weapon - terms that may help you access information about Hmong involvement in the Vietnam War

culture, folklore, roles, family, gender, tradition, holidays, education, farming, agriculture, assimilation  - terms that may help you access information about Hmong culture and history

  • pa'ndau, embroidery - terms that may help you find additional information about Hmong story cloths

immigration, refugee, history, tradition, refugee camp, General Vang Pao, government, communism, communist  - terms that may help you find information about Hmong history

Search Google!

Google Book Search
Google Scholar Search
Google Web Search