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Vietnam Research - 7th grade: Reference / Databases

Why Search in a Database?

A database is a collection of information that is organized and can be easily accessed using computers or other electronic devices. 

The databases that we have access to are collections of many different magazines, journals and other information sources - current issues and past issues. Databases contain information that is written by educated authors and generally up-to-date.  It is just as easy to do a keyword search in a database as it is in Google. However, in a database, you are much more likely to find high-quality, relevant information that you can use in your school research paper. 

It is just as easy to do a keyword search in a database as it is in Google, but you will generally find more reliable information in a database!

Databases / Encyclopedias available through Badgerlink

Below is a collection of databases and encyclopedias that are available through Badgerlink. Badgerlink is a resource that is free to all Wisconsin residents. You should be able to access it with no password from school. If you have trouble accessing a Badgerlink resource from home, you may need to login. 

Reference articles to start with...

WorldBook Online

WorldBook Online is an excellent reference source and contains information on a wide variety of topics. 

Gale Databases

These databases are available to students at WSMS through Gale. You will need a password to access both databases, and your teacher will provide you with those passwords. Use keywords to search magazine and journal articles related to your research.