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The Mobile Makerspace @ WSMS LMC: Little Bits

This guide contains projects, tips and tutorials related to the WSMS Makerspace!

Little Bits Challenges

littleBits Challenges:

  • Tape a bullseye target (provided by your teacher) to the wall. Design an automated device that fling a projectile at the target and hit it when someone claps their hands. Your device must be at least 75% accurate. 
  • Develop a device that will provide added security for a specific space or device. This device should alert you when someone tries to get access to the chosen space or device OR it could lock the device until a user provides a code or command that will unlock it. You may use littleBits and the additional supplies provided by your teacher. 
  • Identify a problem in the classroom that you are in right now which can be solved using littleBits and the materials that your teacher has provided. Begin by defining the problem. Decide how you will solve it. Plan a solution. Create a device using littleBits that will correct this problem. 

Little Bits Basics

Little Bits are electronic building blocks that allow novice users to create complex circuits. They are like a building kit for a novice inventor. There are 60 different Little Bits modules which can be snapped together magnetically in almost endless combinations to create different types of gadgets that sense their environment and respond in different ways. 

The Little Bits Electronics YouTube channel is an incredible source for tutorials as well as ideas about how to use Little Bits to invent - check it out!

What are Little Bits? How Do they Work?

What Can I Do With Little Bits?