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The Mobile Makerspace @ WSMS LMC: Makey Makey

This guide contains projects, tips and tutorials related to the WSMS Makerspace!

Makey Makey Challenges

Choose one of the Makey Makey challenges listed below. Your teacher will provide additional materials like cardboard, tinfoil, glue, tape, pencils, markers, etc... to use for this challenge.

  • Use Makey Makey, a computer, the Makey Makey apps and the materials provided to create a simple musical instrument .  Your musical instrument should work and look good (pay attention to color, design and craftsmanship). Play a song on your musical instrument. 
  • Use Makey Makey, a computer, a Scratch game and the materials provided to create a video game controller. Your video game controller should work and look good (pay attention to color, design and craftsmanship). Use your video game controller to win the game.  
  • Use Makey Makey and a program that you have created yourself in Scratch to make something fun and surprising. Whatever you make should look good (pay attention to color, design & craftsmanship) and work consistently. Bonus points if it makes someone smile or laugh. 


Getting Started With Makey Makey - START HERE!

A Makey Makey is a tiny microcontroller that can hook ordinary objects, conductive objects up to your computer to make them "clickable" or interactive. Imagine playing the piano with bananas for keys, or controlling a video game with a homemade controller made of play-doh or aluminum foil. Make your own electronic musical instrument. All of these things are possible with a Makey Makey. 

What can I do with a Makey Makey?

How Does a Makey Makey work? (Videos & Websites)